Results gives speakers or spectators access to the information generated by the O-Lynx Event software and Radio Controls. Results allows multiple windows to be opened to show the information in different ways. The displayed information can relate to a course, control or event.

The O-Lynx Results software is fully multi-user and network capable, allowing the display of result information on any number of computers and screens.

A Panel Editor allows the end user to make custom results screens.

Course Results

The example below shows an example of the instant results boards used at the event centres.  This is made up of “Course Results” screens set to show different classes. Position, Status, Name, Club, Total time and time behind the leader are shown. No intermediate radio results are shown as one of the objectives is to fit as many classes on a screen as possible. These screens become “Live” as they can also show the elasped time from the start. This means runners move down the screen as their time becomes greater than that of the finished runners. A runners time is shown green if they have started but are still out on the course. These type of screens help create a real atmosphere to an event centre and do away with the need to keep printing updated results during the event. When set up as shown, the information displayed in the “Course Results” screen is only based on the live information from the start/finish controls and so can be easily setup with no planning from the course setter.

The above example also shows how large numbers of entries can be dealt with by showing multiple columns for one class e.g. Mens Elite, with each additional column set to carry on from the last. As an alternative the columns can also be set to auto scroll.

The “Course Results” windows can also be set to monitor any control other than just the finish. This allows arrangements as shown above to be setup so spectators can see a competitors progress as they move though the radio controls. The second screen example also shows the ability to slightly customize the “Course Results” screens by removing and resizing columns.

Course Splits

“Course Splits “ shows leg split times and positions for all radio controls on a certain course. As with the other Results screens, how many courses you have displayed at once, is limited only by the amount of space you have to show them. The windows can be tiled vertically, horizontally or dragged to where you want to place them.

As the above example shows, Splits results can either be shown as a table or graph. Other options include showing and sorting by run-rate as well as choosing which legs to show or hide.

The graph can be shown with either a white or black background.

Control Splits

“Control Splits” shows the times and placings for a course, with each window showing a single control.

The information can sorted by Total Elapsed Time or Split Time from the last control.


Control Monitor

The “Control monitor” shows the last 3 punches at a chosen control, complete with placing and elapsed time. The screen was designed to show spectators and competitors their final time and placing, immediately as they finish. However, because it shows every competitor going through a control it has also proven to be one of the best screens to use for commentary. A typical commentators screen is shown with 4 “Control Monitor” screens ( one for each O-Lynx radio control )  A special relay version can also be shown which displays the other team members names as well so the commentator knows who the other runners in the team are.


Just shows a list of all punch activity.

Control All Recent

Developed for Oceania 2011. Shows all recent competitors through a Control. Editable Heading and optional medal colours.

Number of results shown per column selectable with up to 3 columns shown. F10 to edit the options, F11 to take full screen.

Dual Results

Developed for Oceania 2011. Shows 1 or 2 columns of results for a control. Editable Headings and optional medal colours.

Number of results shown per column also selectable. F10 to edit the options, F11 to take full screen.

Custom Results Boards

Need something unique ? O-Lynx Results includes a Panel Editor so that you can design your own layouts. This make it easy to create really great looking and functional realtime results boards or commentary displays for your event.

  • Set all Font settings ..Color, Type, Size, etc.
  • Set the panel colours, border, shadow
  • Assign which information to show
  • Set the title for the Results window to be a user defined panel as well ( see screenshot below )