This software provides the place for the base information such as competitors and courses. It is also the receiving point for incoming punch information.


The Entries screen

Event works out elapsed times and placing information in realtime as each new punch arrives.


– Enter all information independent of other software, or import from OE compatible files.

– Extensive use of wizards for editing information to make working with the software easy and intuitive.

Course Wizard for setting the controls on a course

– Imports IOF XML Course Data files.

– Export log files for replaying events. Ideal for getting familar with the software before the big event and evaluating what features to use.

– Can import and hold OE Archive data for when entries are manually entered.

– Start times can be set by …

  • Set each class to a certain start time.
  • Individually set each competitors start time.
  • Import by file to set or use O-Lynx Sync to link the OE database.
  • Use a radio for a punching start.

– Entry file import for OE, OE Multiday and OS.

– Unknown punches are stored and can be processed when entry information has been corrected.

– O-Lynx event can be set up to receive information from …

  • O-Lynx radio controls via the USB O-Lynx master.
  • Up to 2 Wired com port controls.
  • Register control for quicker SI number entry.

– Control History view for easy testing and monitoring of punch information as it happens.

– Check deployed radios remotely for their battery levels and radio link quality.

– Runs on Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Import OE Entry Wizard

History List showing all punches as the arrive