O-Lynx Enduro features

– Up to 12 stages with multiple courses. Run different level competitions at the same time e.g. 6 Stage Pro and 3 Stage Beginners

– Use with Sportident Air+ or standard Sportident punching.

– Multi-day support. Stages may occur across multiple days.

– Stages can be run in any order.

– The same stage can be re-used multiple times. e.g Stage 2 and stage 5 use the same track / timing controls.

– Event can be set to use either the fastest or first recorded time for the stage if the same stage is re-ridden.

– Very easy to define the course and stage checkpoints.

– Partial downloading supported. The timing chips can be downloaded during the event for updating the stage times so far.

– Supports wireless downloading of SIAC timing chips to get sub-second timing.

– Provides customizable splits/stage times docket at download.

– Create professional looking results with the smart sheet results reports. Templates easily editable in Excel to setup sponsors logos etc.

See the blog post for tips on using O-Lynx and Sportident. Part 1

Setup the event easily using colour coding for the event stages.

Give the riders an docket showing both a stage summary and the full timing details when they download.

Easily produce professional looking results for the riders and keep your sponsors happy at the same time.