The O-Lynx software suite is a range of programs to provide timing functions and enhance any event.

Initially developed to allow testing of the radio equipment, it soon became clear that existing applications failed to make the most of the information available. The power of the O-Lynx software is its ease of use and its ability to present accurate real-time information to the spectator or commentator in a variety of formats that make it is easy to understand what is happening.

The O-Lynx software currently supports timing using the Sportident timing system, or for simple events, competitor barcodes. Enquires to support other timing systems are welcome.

As well as operating as standalone event timing software, O-Lynx can get information from some third party software programs.  Course information can be imported from files formatted according to the IOF XML requirements or set up within the software. For entry information, O-Lynx can import a range of file types, from simple text and csv files to the latest XLSX spreadsheets.

For providing live radio punch information, both the O-Lynx software and hardware was designed to use the standard sportident protocol for punch messages. This means the software can be used with wired, or radio linked controls from different manufacturers. O-Lynx radios will however take advantage of the additional setup and testing features built into the software. Even for a simple event, the use of the easily rechargable O-Lynx radio system provides a no wires, easy setup that can receive messages from multiple sportident controls at the same time.

The software may also be run with no connected controls and simply provide event timing software including event centre and web based results display. However, using O-Lynx radios with the software if the best way to make events feel live and involve both competitors and spectators alike for the whole event.

O-Lynx Event

This software provides the place where all the details of the event, such as its competitors and courses, is setup. It is also the receiving point for incoming live punch information. Once the competitor has finished, O-Lynx Event can be used to download the timing chips and check course information. Elapsed times and placing information are worked aout in realtime as each new punch arrives.

See O-Lynx Event for further details


O-Lynx Results

Results gives speakers or spectators access to the information generated by O-Lynx Event software in easy to understand formats. Results allows multiple windows to be opened to show the information in different ways. The displayed information can relate to a course, control or event.

See O-Lynx Results for further details


O-Lynx Live

O-Lynx results can be sent to a web server to show live results on the internet. These results follow the same format as the “course results” screens. An example below shows the information available to internet users.


The new results for every course/class are sent every 30 seconds. The web pages will automatically refresh the information so spectators can watch the race without having to click the refresh button constantly. As the information includes elapsed times the competitors will move down the list as their running time becomes greater than other runners.

At the event centre, the setup is easy and just involves running the O-Lynx WebClient program. It automatically detects the current event, and starts updating the web. The information transferred is compressed in size before sending to suit mobile data connections.


olynxtouch2_48O-Lynx Touch

Easy and quick touch optimised entry system for use at events.

See .. O-Lynx Touch for further details