The “Course Results”  screens remain the core screen used at events. This screen provides a lot of information while conserving the amount of screen space  needed. The “Course Splits” results screens can show a lot more information about the competitors as they progress through the radios, but use a lot more screen area and may be a bit overwhelming for some spectators. Since elapsed times were introduced the O-Lynx results screens have become focal points at events as spectators and competitors keep up with their current position.  

It is good to listen to spectators comments while viewing the screens and so get feedback on their interpretation of the results. To give the spectators even more to work with the next step would be to indicate the competitors progress though the radios on the “Course Results” screens. ( especially if it could be done without using further space ). The Distance Bar Graph shown below in the Diff. column is the result.

The Bargraph shows its olive green blocks as a measurement of the distance a particular radio is through the course – as imported from the course xml file. Using this simple graph, it is then easy to see which competitors are further through the course than others.

A detailed screen guide for helping viewers can be printed from here