The following screen shots show off a couple of new features in the O-Lynx Results software.

– Course Splits Table – sort by run rate. This gives a better sort order so that a better indication of placings can be shown as competitors move through the course.

– Course Splits Graph. Allows for easy interpretation of current situation for competitors out on the course and for those finished.

These screen shots are shown in the order they have been taken, as the event progresses.

The M21E course has 2 Radio controls out on the course while the W21E course has 1 Radio control.

The O-Lynx Results screens used below are .. ( from left to right )

– Course Results – Showing final times and places. Also shows elapsed times so competitors move down the screen as their time out on the course increases. To highlight that competitors are still out on the course, an orange running icon is used and their times are shown with a green background. 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings highlighted in red,blue and green.

– Course Splits ( Table ) – Showing detailed Leg information including leg split time and placing as well as total time and placing. The orange running icon is again used to indicate the competitor is out on the course.  1st, 2nd and 3rd placings highlighted in red,blue and green. Option to sort by run rate to be able to compare and sort competitors at various stages of the course.

– Course Splits ( Graph ) Shows time behind leader as competitors move through the radio controls. Updated every 30 seconds. Competitors can be highlighted by placing the mouse pointer over their line or name.  Control points are shown be the vertical grey lines. Distance information can be entered manually or imported from the iof coursedata xml file. Selectable white or black background.