One of the issues with running yet more software at an event has always been how to keep them all saying the same thing. With results and commentary software the main issues are to be able to ensure entries are the same in both systems and then as competitors download, to be able to keep up-to-date with their status i.e. mispunches.

O-Lynx Event has always been able to import files exported from OE to save retyping entry information into O-Lynx. This has worked well for large events but for club events the files must be regularly imported as people enter throughout the day.

O-Lynx Sync was developed to overcome this problem. Every 30 seconds O-Lynx Sync can update the O-Lynx Event information with any new or changed information from OE. The user has the choice of using a file based system or directly from the OE database.

Using a file based system still requires a file to be saved periodically from OE ( either 2003 or 2010 ) but O-Lynx Sync will automatically sit in the background and update O-Lynx when it finds the new information.

Using the database based system, the whole process is automatic, with changes made in OE ( only 2010 at this point ) appearing in O-Lynx without any user intervention.

A screen below shows the main screen of O-Lynx Sync. To use in database mode, simply let it know the folder where the OE information is stored and push the start button.