The latest 2017 version of the O-Lynx software was recently released to existing users.  This version is a significant enhancement over previous versions. In particular a lot of work has gone into making it possible to use O-Lynx for events without requiring any additional software.

I have been using O-Lynx standalone at events for several years but they have been simple timed events or score type courses. With the new course checking built in to O-Lynx it is now also possible to run orienteering events as well.  O-Lynx also caters well with running Score and Orienteering courses at the same event, with the results reports automatically adjusting for each course type.

O-Lynx continues to work with third party software, for providing the outstanding results system that competitors in New Zealand, Australia and the USA have become used to at their major events. The 2017 version of O-Lynx was used to provide results and commentary at the World Masters this year. This event had over 1700 competitors and 16 large results screens.

With the full punch information now available to O-Lynx, the software is able to provide even more information for enhancing the atmosphere at your events. Making live download and splits information available for commentary purposes is yet another game changing way O-Lynx is continuing to enhance the sport events that use it.

While there have been many changes, here are a few of the highlights of the new release …

  • – Support for download and code checking chips used on orienteering courses.
  • – Support for download of chips used on Score and Timed courses ( adventure race type events – same as O but missed controls don’t trigger MP result ).
  • – Now SI stations used with O-Lynx event and O-Lynx Touch don’t have to be in ‘Legacy’ mode.
  • – O-Lynx handles nc ( non-competitive ) runners as per WMOC requirements.
  • – O-Lynx Results also has available the Download summary screen so the commentary person can also see what is happening at the download.
  • – Live full splits graphs – Time behind leader, time behind superman.
  • – Configurable results docket layouts in settings
  • – Support for up to 45 controls per course
  • – CSV Splits, Xml V3 export.
  • – Excel and siTiming entry import and general import routine tidy up. siTiming Entry export.
  • – Docket printing can reprint individual results, course results or all results. Docket results printing supports printing a mixture of score and O courses at the same time.
  • – Excel based results report engine with some reports included in the install. Can also show results for both score and timed events at the same time.
  • – These new reports are available on the Entries tab. Example output reports can be seen at ..
  • –              3Peaks.pdf
  • –             ClubChamps.pdf
  • –              Get2Go.pdf
  • –              NISS_Startlist.pdf
  • – ftp results upload client built in.
  • – Learn course from Chip function for easily setting up training courses.
  • – Easy multiday time totalling.
  • – Advanced course matching algorithm. See exactly what the competitor did out on the course. The results docket printout or display makes it very easy to explain what happened when a missed punch is queried.
  • – Smart downloading, such as recognising when an unchanged chip has been re-inserted.
  • – Easy one button reprinting or viewing of the download results.

Download a copy today and see for yourself what O-Lynx can do for your events.