The O-Lynx Radios have always just worked with the commentary functions of the Autodownload Software from  This is because they simply pass through the original Sportident messages.

See my blog from about their use for the Australian Schools in 2012.

But O-Lynx Results can greatly enhance event software like Autodownload with its sophisticated live results information for display, commentary and web results. With this as the goal, support was added earlier in the year so that O-Lynx now automatically synchronizes with the information stored in Autodownload every 30 seconds as it can do with other software. This means mis-punches or changes made to a competitors information will be shown on the results screens almost as soon as available, without manual intervention.

The new version of O-Lynx Sync  ( ADSync ) that makes this possible has been used successfully at real events. It will still need some fine tuning as some of the smaller details of working with Autodownload come to light, but with its initial release, O-Lynx ADSync brings the ability to provide the amazing O-Lynx event centre atmosphere to even more events around the world.

As per my presentation at WOC this year, results displays at an event can still add value even without radio controls.