O-Lynx Event

Simple, reliable event management and timing

O-Lynx Touch

Making competitor registration at events easy and reducing the stress for organisers

O-Lynx Radios

Make the sport visible with no setup, easy to use, short range radios.

O-Lynx Results for Spectators

Create a buzz at the event centre with detailed up-to-date race information in an easy to understand but compact format.

O-Lynx Results for Commentary

Providing commentary is easy when you have all the information in front of you.

O-Lynx Results for Video Production

Build your own overlays in O-Lynx Results to create professional looking video at any event.

O-Lynxlive for live web results

The easy way to take your event to the web.

Latest News : O-Lynx Event now supports the MTB Enduro format. Use O-Lynx for timing MTB events using Sportident. See here for more details …

O-Lynx software and hardware provide real time results to enhance any sized event. The O-Lynx radio system is designed for sending competitor information back to an event centre where it can be displayed using the O-Lynx software in a variety of formats for both live results and commentary.

O-Lynx is used succesfully for orienteering and adventure events in New Zealand, Australia and North and South America at club, national and international level events including the World Cup if 2013 and 2015, and for the World Masters in 2017. Using O-Lynx products at events provides a way to easily make events much more spectator friendly and enjoyable.

For information on the O-Lynx Radios see .. Equipment

For information on the range of O-Lynx Software see … Software


Contact Information

For further information contact Phillip Herries at pherries@tasc.co.nz

O-Lynx modules and software are a products of TASC SYSTEMS LTD

Ph. +64 6 8786990.

15 Morley Road, Hastings, New Zealand.